Taken from Transformers prime: Beast hunters Project Predacon

Ratchet loses it

I hope there's a forth tramsformers prime with Jetfire

Jetfire was one of primus’s creations but he was given a heart and organs similar to a human which made him more human, And called Skyfire. When he lost his hand it generated into JetStorm. He was once forced to become Megatron’s second in command but he was not very good at because he spent more time drinking oil and listening to music ( because of this he became half damaged from Megatron’s rage) but he made friends with optimus. Megatron was not pleased and gave him a scar on his behind with a needle and he’s feared them ever since. He was not pleased when his realised that the deceptions were killing people and he saved optimus by talking the hit by Megatron. But he ended up in the autobot sick bay and optimus thanks him by making him his second in command and it wasn’t long before he told the Autobot High Council that because he had a human heart meant that he was more powerful than the other Cybertronians and he was made a prime with his own team.
But during the great war he was the only one to escape through the bridge and he blamed himself. After wards he flew around the world to learn more about and made friends with a human but because he had a human heart he did not know anything about cybertron.It is discovered that his brother implanted a bomb in his head but When he was destroy he regerated with a new body,colour and voice and the mide of a human And renamed himself as Jetfire and realised his place in this world is with the humans, And betrayed both Megatron and Optimus to discover more about earth.
Megatron and optimus found him in the Arctic and he was frozen into the ice and was later discovered by team prime.He discovered that his team mates were alive and named themselves Earth Guardians
At one point after discovering it Megatron torn out his heart killing him. But primus’s soul gave him an immortal all spark and clams that one day he will become a new primus of earth.
He also seems to idolize Optimus prime and mock Megatron. He also has no arm weapons and a badge so that he can take the orm of animals.He has a turbine wind attack and a pair of twin cannons.It is revealed that he can imput a cyberkey mode and can transform into a Antonov An-225 Mriya, But because he is made of earth machine parts he can only activate in plane mode when he presses a button on his chest even though he has human organs he can still be piloted by a human and can also talk to primu’s ghost.He also likes to meditate and sing.
E.G.F stands for Earth Guardians Force
He became green to represent Earths Land and animals.

I think there should be a forth season for Transformers Prime

because jetfire hasn’t appeared in this series yet I think he should

Please let it be cybertron jetfire

I love his needle phobia